Leadership Team

Erin Frye
Erin Frye, Principal

Principal's Message


My philosophy centers upon the belief that an effective school is a cohesive one where administrators, teachers, and staff engender confidence, encourage diversity, and promote collaboration. I prioritize motivation and connecting with others and providing challenge and purpose while also valuing staff and their contributions. I will always seek to promote an environment committed to best practice and philosophy and capable of navigating change and embracing innovation. My hope is to be instrumental in the realization of an educational system that truly promotes growth for everyone involved.


  • Equity & Equality: All Means ALL
  • Safety & Culture: Create Safe Spaces
  • Growth: Prioritize Balanced Learning
  • Communication & Collaboration: Build Transparency and Trust
  • High Expectations: Promote Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement: Prepare for the Future
  • Experience

In my 21+ years of experience in education, I have served as a leader in various capacities. I have been an administrator in Mansfield, Lewisville, and Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISDs and a teacher in Coppell, Carrollton-Farmers Branch, and College Station. I am also a former Coordinator of IB Programs and an Instructional Facilitator. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas A&M University and a Master of Education in Leadership & Administration at Texas Woman’s University.

Dear Alexander Elementary Family,

I am very honored and excited to have been given the opportunity to join the Alexander Elementary School family as your new principal! Chance can bring with it trepidation, and I want to assure you that I am committed to promoting and pursuing excellence for our school, our staff, our students, our parents, and our community. I will partner with you as we strive to exceed expectations and equip our students with the skills they will need to be reflective, balanced, and capable learners for the road ahead.

My intent with this communication is two-fold. First I am committing to you to learn as much as I can about what makes this school great already. In my life and work, I embrace the perspective that suggests we “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” I want to know the things that you know – both the particular realities and the intangible marks of this wonderful school family. Second, I want you to get to know me, to know my heart for students, to see how much I believe in the power of personal growth.

Together, I want to chart a course for the future of our school that respects the road behind and blazes a bright light for the road ahead. I invite you to engage with me as we write our stories of success at Alexander Elementary.

Excited for the road ahead,
Erin Frye Principal

Estimada Familia de la Escuela Primaria Alexander,

¡Para mí es un gran honor y placer tener la oportunidad de unirme a la familia de la Escuela Primaria Alexander como su nueva directora! El cambio puede conllevar la inquietud, y quiero asegurarles que tengo el compromiso de promover y perseguir la excelencia para nuestra escuela, nuestro personal, nuestros alumnos, nuestros padres y nuestra comunidad. Seré su aliada en el esfuerzo por superar las expectativas y dotar a nuestros alumnos de las destrezas que necesitarán para ser estudiantes contemplativos, balanceados y capaces de abordar el futuro.

Este comunicado tiene dos objetivos. En primer lugar, quiero prometerles que aprenderé lo máximo posible sobre lo que ya ha hecho excelente a esta escuela. En mi vida y en mi trabajo, tomo la perspectiva de que "debemos primero buscar entender, y luego ser entendidos." Quiero saber las cosas que saben ustedes – tanto las realidades específicas como los rasgos intangibles de esta maravillosa familia escolar. En segundo lugar, quiero que me conozcan a mí, que conozcan mi interés profundo en los alumnos, que vean cuánto creo en el poder del crecimiento personal.

Quiero trazar juntos el camino hacia el futuro de nuestra escuela, uno que respeta lo ya recorrido y a la vez brilla una luz fuerte sobre lo que tenemos por delante. Les invito a interactuar conmigo mientras escribimos nuestros casos de éxito en la Escuela Primaria Alexander.

Con emoción por el camino que nos espera,
Erin Frye Directora