School History

S. Gus Alexander, Jr. Elementary opened in 1972, with additions in 1977 and 1980 and renovations in 2003.  The school was named for S. Gus Alexander, Jr., son of former board member Gus Alexander, Sr.  The school originally served grades K-3, and added fourth grade classes which were relocated from Brandenburg Intermediate in 2003.

S. Gus Alexander, Jr.
Alexander Elementary was built in 1973.  The 9.5 acres that make up our campus were graciously donated to the Duncanville School District by Gus and Louise Alexander. Our school bears the name of their son, S. Gus Alexander, Jr. He was a lieutenant in the US Army during the Viet Nam War. On April 12, 1969 he was killed in action. S. Gus Alexander, Jr. was 24 years old.

Our school and playground sit on land that was once Skyline Farm. Young Gus' family worked this beautiful farmland for over ten years. He plowed the fields, helped his dad feed the livestock and drove the grain truck during harvest season. Gus Alexander, Jr.'s life causes us all to be exceedingly proud of our school and the courageous, meaningful life of the man for whom it was named.

Stamatios Gus Alexander, Jr. was born on June 11, 1944. He moved to Duncanville in January, 1946. Gus Jr. attended elementary school at Central Elementary. The junior high was down the street from Central Elementary. He attended high school at the campus now known as Reed Middle School.

Gus Alexander, Jr. was a Cub Scout and an active member of the First United Methodist Church, where the youth center was named in his honor. He loved hunting, fishing and sports. He played little league, junior high baseball, football and track before earning eleven letters in sports. He was an honor student who played on two championship basketball teams, played on two championship baseball teams making all district with the team going as far as a team could progress (winning regional honors). In football he was district and state honorable mention on the district championship team. Gus Alexander, Jr. excelled as a scholar as well as an athlete. He earned a place on the honor roll for academic achievement.

Gus was respected and liked by his friends, serving as captain or co-captain of his high school baseball, football and basketball teams. During his senior year his friends chose him as their "Class Favorite".

He was awarded a football scholarship to McMurray College. After two years there, he transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington earning his BBS. He married Kathy Loper in 1966. In 1967 he joined the US Army and attended Officers Training School in Ft. Benning, Georgia. There, he was an instructor, graduating as a lieutenant. Then Gus was sent to Viet Nam.

Gus Alexander, Jr. served our country bravely and received many medals for his heroic deeds. The highest award, the Silver Star, was awarded for saving his radio operator's life and then radioing for help for his platoon and another platoon, thereby saving many other lives.

S. Gus Alexander was a student, the same as the ones who now attend the school named in his honor. He loved his school and his life here in Duncanville. We, as students and faculty of S. Gus Alexander Junior Elementary School, can pay tribute to the young man for whom this school was named by giving our best to our school and community.

Information taken from: The History of Duncanville "The Alexander Handbook"

Mascot:  Eagles
Colors:  Red, white, and blue